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Moda Asia Limited: creative, innovative and experienced

Moda Asia is a dynamic, innovative company which designs, develops, manufactures and exports its own series of high end knitted fabrics to the intimate apparel, sportswear and swimwear markets.

With a number of unique and patent technologies, the company is renowned for being innovative in its products.

Moda’s story began more than 20 years ago in the early 1990s when it first started production in Fujian, China, as a small factory with just a few second hand circular knitting machines producing basic jersey fabrics.

As Moda grew larger, the company began to work with warp knitting techniques until presently it can now produce warp knit, circular knit and flat knit fabrics in different configurations and with various types of synthetic yarns. Moda’s comprehensive products are used in many industries, ranging from apparel to personal care products, from furniture to other industrial products.

Moda Asia – recognised for creativity and innovation!